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Eliminate Your Financial Fears So You And Your Loved Ones Can Thrive

Identify your income goals. Maximize your wealth.

Let’s Make Your Future More Exciting Than Your Past.

In a world that’s continuously changing and hard to predict, you deserve peace of mind that your money will work for you—regardless of what the future holds.

I know that may feel like a tall task, but over the last three decades, I have helped hundreds of people just like you by taking the time to get to know you, understand your income goals, and help you utilize financial strategies that set you and your loved ones up for success.

You won’t feel pressured to use out-of-the-box solutions that don’t align with your income goals. I’ve built my business on developing strategies that meet your individual needs — not mine.

Hey, I’m Todd.

At my core, I believe in the value of service. That belief is why I served over twenty-five years in the U.S. Army, both active duty and reserves. It’s also how I earned the privilege of helping people from all walks of life as their financial problem solver.

I’ve been married to my wife Diana for thirty-nine years, have four grown children, and seven grand babies. And frankly, I‘m convinced that it’s never been more important to have your money work for you while protecting it from being lost in some risky investment.

Why mention any of this? Because I’ve seen a thing or two.

In the thousands of conversations I’ve had with individuals over the years, they’ve offered me a front-row seat to their hopes, dreams, and aspirations. And, as we discuss the golden years of retirement, the topic almost always comes around to discussing how they can pass on their love, leave a legacy, and feel confident that their money is still working for them now.

The truth is, you can do all of these things. You simply need to work with an advisor who gets it.

To make the most of your finances and achieve your income goals, you need a trusted guide who’s aligned with you. It’s about sharing the same beliefs and getting to know one another on a more personal level – because it’s the small things that make the most significant impact in our lives. I am driven by my faith to serve others

I ask my clients, “I believe what I believe, and you believe what you believe. The question is, do we believe the same thing?“ My faith compels me to act in your best interest because an advisor should be experienced, of course, but they need to understand the beliefs and values that make you, you.

I’m excited to learn more about who you are, what you love, and how we can work together to create an adaptable financial strategy that checks all of your boxes. Because even though life still happens, your dreams should, too.

Todd Allen

Meet the Todd Allen Team

Todd Allen

Todd Allen


AnnMarie Mott

AnnMarie Mott

Marketing & Communications Manager

Donna Gerkens

Donna Gerkens

Executive Assistant

Evan Cox

Evan Cox

Strategy Manager

*strategic partner
Megan Giles

Megan Giles

Design Manager

*strategic partner

Let’s Make Your Future More Exciting Than Your Past.

I’ll listen

because each family is different, and I want to make sure your needs are met.

I’ll customize your options

because you deserve an income plan that aligns with your income goals and dreams.

I’ll give you peace of mind

because I understand how important financial freedom really is.

A Strategy That Works

“Through Todd, we’ve learned that 80% of a successful retirement is the strategy, not the products.”

— Ken and Trisha | McKinney, TX

We’re Young Enough That We Still Need Our Money to Work For Us

But Old Enough Where We Can’t Afford to Lose It.

Financial Solutions Designed With Your Income Goals In Mind


Let’s Talk

No sales pitches here. I’ll listen, you’ll get answers.


Receive Your Custom Income Plan

Together, we’ll develop a financial strategy that allows you to meet your income goals and set your family up for success too.

Gain Financial Freedom

We’ll keep you from losing sleep and make sure your finances work for you—not against you.

Say Goodbye to Nights Spent Worrying About Your Financial Future.


Will I always have to lose so much money to taxes?


How do I grow my money while not losing it?


Will I have to leave my current lifestyle behind?


Where do I put my money to ensure it grows?

How will my children and grandchildren remember me?

At the end of the day, we all have different needs, and you’ve worked hard to get here. But still…there’s that voice whispering, “Did I do it all right?”

It’s time to silence those fears and ensure your hard work (and money) keep working for you into the future. I want you to enjoy retirement, support your family, and gain peace of mind around your financial outlook.

It’s time to seize the moment. Learn more about my solutions and explore how we can work together to cut through the noise and make sure you reach your most important income goals.